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Fun Science ProjectTo heck with science. Every middle school kid wants to do a science project that is fun. Surprisingly, most teachers share this view. A student learns more from a science project when he or she is interested in the topic, and is having fun doing it.

Of course, a fun science project isn’t the final goal. The real purpose of a science project – not just in middle school – is to teach the child about the wonderful world of science. To do that, teachers and science fair administrators usually have strict guidelines about what a project or experiment must include. Experiments follow the scientific method. Demonstrations must explain a scientific principle. All projects must include research and references.

But a science project is also supposed to whet a child’s appetite for science. A fun and interesting project will make a student want to learn even more about our fascinating world and the scientific laws that govern it. And a fun science project is a great way to do just that.

Here are some ideas for science projects that are fun – but will also expand a child’s science knowledge and experience:

1. Explain the concept of density. Pour water, Karo syrup, rubbing alcohol, and vegetable oil into a tall container. Watch how they layer. Then drop in different items, like a penny, a cork, a Lego or a candle, and see where they float – or sink. The concept of density is advanced enough for middle schoolers, but can still be understood by kindergartners.

2. Demonstrate how yeast gives off gas. Put yeast in a bottle of warm water, top it a balloon, and watch the balloon fill up with gas. This project can be done as a demonstration in front of the class, or as an fun science experiment.

3. Show how a chemical reaction can be hurried. Plop Alka Seltzer into a cup of water and time it. Then crush the Alka Seltzer, and watch it fizz even faster after you put it into a cup of water. Still another time, reduce the amount of water, add Alka Selter, and see how fast it dissolves. This is a demonstration science project, and is terrific to wow even the most bored middle schoolers.

Fun Science Project
4. Find out how a chicken egg is a cell with a selectively permeable membrane. Soak a raw egg in vinegar for a weekend. The shell will come off. Then put the egg into dark syrup and watch what happens! This is another fun science project that can be done as an investigation or a demonstration.

5. Experiment with static cling. Rub a sheet of plexiglass with a wool sock, then show how balloons and hair stick to it. Or, try make a ball of aluminum foil dance, as shown in this You-Tube video.

Step by step instructions for these projects are available at 24 Hour Science Projects. You’ll also find all sorts of reference materials to help with the science involved – not to mention creating that all important science project board. We’ll definitely be able to steer you in the right direction as you search for fun science projects.

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